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Mike Huddlesman

August 24, 2023

12 Best AI Music Generators to Try in 2023 (100% Free)

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Mike Huddlesman

Mike Huddlesman

Are you tired of searching for the perfect music to accompany your content? Look no further! The world of AI music generators has exploded with innovative options that can fulfill all your musical needs.

From Beatbot to AIVA, these cloud-based platforms offer customizable instruments, structures, and modifications to create studio-quality tracks at an affordable cost. Imagine the convenience of generating royalty-free music with just a few clicks.

In this article, we will explore the best AI music generators on the market, providing you with the data-driven analysis you need to make an informed decision.


AIVA is the best AI music generator that allows you to compose music and own music at the same time. It allows you to create customizable music tracks using pre-recorded samples. With its user-friendly interface, AIVA makes it simple for anyone to dive into the world of AI-generated music. Whether you're a content creator or a musician looking for inspiration, AIVA has got you covered.

Not only does AIVA music generator provide an intuitive platform for creating music, but it also offers a wide range of features to enhance your compositions. You have the ability to modify your music with different keys, tempos, and individual instruments, giving you full control over the final sound. This flexibility allows you to create unique and personalized tracks that suit your specific needs.

One of the standout features of AIVA is its vast library of pre-recorded samples. These samples cover a wide range of genres and styles, ensuring that you can find the perfect sound for any project. Additionally, all music generated by AIVA is royalty-free background music, meaning you can use it in your projects without worrying about copyright issues.


AIVA Offers a Free plan that allows you to download 3 times per month and their paid plan starts from €11 / month which allows you to download 15 times per month plus features packed with essential items and some copyright-free restrictions.

In conclusion, if you're looking for one of the best AI music generators on the market, AIVA should be at the top of your list. Its easy-to-use interface, customizable options, and extensive sample library make it an ideal tool for creating high-quality AI-generated songs. So why wait? Start using AIVA today and unleash your creativity in creating amazing music tracks!

Next up is Ecrett Music…

Ecrett Music

Ecrett Music offers a cloud-based platform that allows content creators and musicians to easily generate and modify music tracks using pre-recorded samples. With Ecrett Music's AI-generated tracks, the music creation process becomes streamlined and efficient. This innovative platform empowers music producers with the ability to create high-quality compositions without extensive music composition knowledge.

By utilizing Ecrett Music's AI technology, users can effortlessly generate unique tracks that meet their specific needs. The platform provides a wide array of pre-recorded samples, allowing users to experiment with different sounds and styles. Additionally, Ecrett Music enables users to modify these tracks by adjusting keys, tempo, and individual instruments.

This AI-powered tool not only saves time in the music production process but also opens up new possibilities for creativity. Its intuitive interface makes it accessible for both experienced professionals and beginners alike. With its cloud-based nature, users can access their projects from anywhere at any time.


Ecrett AI music generator is free to use and you can download preview music for free, but if you want an unlimited version and unlock unlimited possibilities, then you need to get individual plan that starts from $4.99/month.

For those seeking an innovative solution in music creation, Ecrett Music stands out as one of the best AI music generators available. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, this platform revolutionizes the way music is generated and modified.

As we transition into discussing 'soundful,' another notable player in the field of AI-generated music, let us explore how it differs from Ecrett Music's offerings.


When it comes to generating unique and royalty-free background music for your projects, Soundful AI Music generator offers an intuitive process with customizable inputs that will match your specific needs. With the best AI music tools available, Soundful ensures that you can generate studio-quality music tracks that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Here are three key reasons why Soundful stands out:

  • Customizable Inputs: Soundful allows you to tailor the inputs according to your preferences. From genre selection to mood customization, you have complete control over the style and atmosphere of your music.

  • Unique Music: With advanced AI algorithms, Soundful guarantees that the generated music will be original and distinct. You won't have to worry about replicating existing songs or facing any copyright issues.

  • Studio Quality Music: The output from Soundful is of exceptional quality, rivaling professional studio recordings. You can expect crisp sounds, well-balanced instruments, and a polished overall production.


Pricing of Soundful AI Music generator starts from $0, yes! They offer a free version with 10 downloads per month, you can also create music tracks fast with their affordable annual plan starting from $29.99 which allows up to 100 downloads per month with non-exclusive music rights.

Soundful provides content creators, producers, and brands with an affordable way to acquire unique and high-quality music tracks without going through the hassle of hiring composers or navigating complex licensing agreements.

Now let's dive into how Boomy takes this innovation even further…


Boomy offers an intuitive and affordable solution for creators, producers, and brands to acquire unique and high-quality music tracks. It eliminates the need for hiring composers or navigating complex licensing agreements. With the rise of artificial intelligence in the music industry, Boomy stands out as one of the best AI music generators available today.

Using advanced AI algorithms, Boomy has revolutionized the process of creating original songs. It allows users to generate unique tracks quickly and easily. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Boomy enables creators to produce new music that meets their specific needs.

What sets Boomy apart is its ability to generate studio-quality music tracks fast. The platform's intelligent algorithms analyze data points such as genre preferences, tempo requirements, and mood specifications to craft custom compositions. This ensures that every track produced by Boomy is truly unique and tailored to individual preferences.

Moreover, Boomy provides a wide range of features and functionalities that allow users to customize their music further. Creators have full control over their compositions, from selecting different instruments to adjusting key signatures and tempos.

In addition to its innovative approach, affordability is another key advantage offered by Boomy. Creators no longer need a large budget or extensive resources to access high-quality music tracks. Boomy provides an affordable solution for acquiring original songs without compromising on quality.


Boomy offers a free plan that allows 25 music saves and their paid plan starts from $5.99/month that allows 500 composed music saves and gives non-commercial usage rights.

With its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interface, Boomy is transforming the way creators acquire music tracks. Its AI-powered platform enables users to generate unique compositions quickly while maintaining control over every aspect of their creations. For those seeking innovation in acquiring high-quality original songs efficiently and affordably, Boomy proves itself as one of the best AI music generators available today.


Now let's dive into Soundraw, another AI music generator that is making waves in the industry.

With Soundraw, you have the ability to customize songs using AI-created phrases. This unique combination of AI compositions and manual tools allows you to create music that meets your specific needs.

One of the standout features of Soundraw is its compatibility with popular applications like Google Chrome and Premiere Pro through a convenient plug-in. This means that you can seamlessly integrate AI-generated music into your projects without any hassle.


Soundraw is the only music generator out there that allows unlimited music generation for free and if you plan to do it for a commercial license, then you need to check the creator plan which allows unlimited downloads, royalty free music licensing processes start from $16.99/month.

Soundraw also offers unlimited downloads with their subscription plan, allowing you to explore and experiment with different music compositions to find the perfect fit for your project. And with its easy-to-use interface, even those who are new to AI-generated music can navigate the platform effortlessly.

For music enthusiasts and professionals in the industry, Soundraw provides a fresh and innovative approach to creating original compositions. By leveraging AI technology, it opens up endless possibilities for generating unique tracks that stand out from existing ones.


Loudly offers an easy-to-use platform with high-quality output and multiple subscription plans to cater to a wide range of users. Their music team collaborates with ML experts to ensure meaningful compositions, making it a valuable tool for generating AI-generated music.

With over 170,000 curated audio loops and an advanced playback engine, Loudly allows you to create new music tracks quickly and efficiently.

To generate music on Loudly, you can select your desired genre and customize various options to match your preferences. Whether you want to compose music in pop, rock, electronic, or any other style, Loudly has you covered. The platform saves time by providing pre-made loops that can be easily combined and warped in real time.


Loudly's music team offers a free forever plan with 5 downloads per month and if you want a certified music license then they offer a plan that starts from $7.99/month.

One of the advantages of using Loudly is its high-quality output. The carefully curated audio loops ensure that the generated songs sound professional and polished. This makes it suitable for content creators who require innovative and top-notch music for their projects.

Additionally, Loudly offers multiple subscription plans to suit different user needs. From a free plan for those who want to explore the platform's capabilities to premium plans for professionals looking for advanced features and unlimited downloads, there is something for everyone.


If you're looking for a browser-based music production tool with advanced synthesis and flexible signal routing, WavTool is worth exploring. Here are three reasons why:

  • Studio Quality Music Tailored to Your Needs: With WavTool, you can create studio-quality music tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you're a professional musician or just starting out, this tool offers a wide range of features and functionalities to help you bring your ideas to life.

  • Free Version Available: WavTool provides a free version that allows you to test out its capabilities without any financial commitment. This is great for those who want to try it out before investing in the full version.

  • Generate Music and Melodies Easily: With WavTool's intuitive interface, you can easily generate music and melodies in just a few clicks. The Conductor AI feature guides you through the process, suggesting beats, chords, and melodies along the way.


Wavtool's free plan allows users to try their tool includes 8 tracks per project and their pro plan starts from $20/month which allows users to create music and download in music formats with no limitation.

Not only does WavTool allow you to create royalty-free music for your projects, but it also gives you the freedom to export your creations as audio and MIDI files. Say goodbye to complicated installations and downloads - with WavTool, everything can be done within your browser.

Evoke music

Evoke Music is an IOS-based app that allows you to create new melodies in minutes using gestures and provides AI Generated music copyrighted for free. It stands out as one of the best AI music generators available. With its intuitive interface and innovative features, Evoke Music offers a seamless experience for users who desire to generate melodies effortlessly.

The app utilizes advanced AI algorithms to analyze music theory and chord progressions from renowned songs, providing users with a foundation for their compositions. By simply using gestures on your device, you can create brand-new songs that are musically meaningful and unique.

What sets Evoke Music apart is its ability to export your creations as audio and MIDI files, allowing for easy integration into your existing projects or further customization. Additionally, you have the option to purchase the songs you create, ensuring that you retain ownership over your work.


Evoke Music is free to try but their paid plan starts from $8/month which is for personal use, you can download and share famous songs or music wherever you want.

It's important to note that while AI-generated music can be a valuable tool for creativity, copyright issues should be considered. As with any form of artistic creation, it is essential to understand the legal implications surrounding the use of copyrighted materials.


Mubert, a unique AI-generated music platform, offers a seamless experience for users looking to explore new and dynamic soundscapes. With its advanced AI system, Mubert has the ability to generate music tracks across various musical styles, allowing users to produce music that aligns with their creative process.

Here are three key features of Mubert that set it apart from other AI music generators:

  • AI System: Mubert's AI system is at the core of its music generation capabilities. It uses complex algorithms to analyze and understand different musical elements such as rhythm, melody, and harmony. This enables it to create unique compositions in real time.

  • Generate Music Tracks: Whether you're in need of background music for your content or looking to create your own original tracks, Mubert can generate different music styles that matches your requirements. Its vast library of pre-programmed patterns and sounds ensures a diverse range of options for every user.

  • Explore Musical Styles: Mubert allows users to explore various musical styles and genres. From ambient electronic beats to energetic rock tunes, there's something for everyone. This versatility ensures that users can find the right sound for their projects or personal preferences.


Mubert also offers a free plan which creates AI-generated songs for free and their paid plans start from $11.99/month for creators who want to create songs and share on their social media.

With its innovative approach to generating music tracks and its commitment to providing an exceptional user experience, Mubert stands out as a top choice among AI music platforms.

Now let's dive into the next section about 'beatbot' and discover how it brings a new dimension to the world of AI-generated music.


When exploring the world of AI-generated music, Beatbot is one of the easiest AI music generators that offers a unique and dynamic experience that allows you to unleash your creativity like never before. With Beatbot, you have the power to create melodies and music tracks effortlessly. This innovative platform uses cutting-edge technology to generate music in various formats, including MIDI files.

Beatbot's intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone, regardless of musical background, to dive into the process of creating music. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, Beatbot provides a range of options and tools to enhance your creative journey.

One of the standout features of Beatbot is its ability to generate music in different genres and styles. From electronic beats to classical compositions, Beatbot can adapt to your preferences and deliver high-quality output that meets your needs.

The flexibility offered by Beatbot extends beyond just creating music tracks. You can also customize elements such as tempo, rhythm patterns, and instrument choices to add a personal touch to your compositions.


Beatbot AI music generator powered by Splash Pro offers a free plan that allows up to 10 songs per month with 15 seconds output but with paid plans you can disrupt music industry if you use it right that starts from $10/month with unlimited commercial license.

In addition to its user-friendly interface and customizable options, Beatbot allows you to export your creations in various formats like MIDI files. This enables seamless integration with other software applications or hardware devices for further editing or production.

With its innovative approach to creating music through AI-generated algorithms, Beatbot opens up new possibilities for musicians and creators alike. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, this platform empowers you with endless opportunities for expressing yourself through music creation.


Explore Beatovem, an exciting AI-powered music generation platform that allows you to effortlessly unleash your creativity and compose unique melodies. With Beatovem, you can create music based on existing songs or start from scratch to generate original compositions.

Here are three reasons why Beatovem stands out among other AI music generators:

  • Royalty Free Tracks: Beatovem provides a vast library of royalty-free tracks, allowing you to use the generated music for any project without worrying about copyright issues.

  • Generating Music: Beatovem's advanced AI algorithms analyze patterns in composed music to generate new melodies and harmonies. This ensures that the created songs have a professional and polished sound.

  • Compose Unique Melodies: With Beatovem, you have full control over the composition process. You can customize the tempo, key, instruments, and structure of your songs, giving you endless possibilities for creating truly unique pieces.


Beatoven AI Music generator allows you to create music with no limitation with free plan but allows download only with a premium account which starts from as low as $4.99/month.

Beatovem empowers creators with innovative tools for music production and opens up new avenues for artistic expression. Now let's delve into a pricing comparison of all AI music generators to help you make an informed decision about which platform best suits your needs.

Also checkout;

Pricing Comparison of All AI Music Generators

ProductOffers Free plan?Paid Plan Starts


  • Yes
€11 / month

Ecrett Music

  • Yes


  • Yes


  • Yes


  • Yes


  • Yes


  • Yes

Evoke music

  • Yes


  • Yes


  • Yes


  • Yes

Now that you've learned about Beethoven, let's delve into a pricing comparison of various AI music generators. When it comes to creating music with just a few clicks, these platforms offer convenience and innovation at your fingertips.

AIVA, Ecrett Music, Soundful, Boomy, Soundraw, Loudly, WavTool, and Amadeus Code all provide unique features and functionalities for generating AI music. While some offer cloud-based platforms and customizable instruments and structures like Beatbot and Ecrett Music, others like Soundful and Boomy focus on generating royalty-free background music quickly.

When comparing pricing options among these platforms, it's important to consider your specific needs. Some platforms offer subscription plans with unlimited downloads like Soundraw or Loudly. Others allow you to purchase individual songs to keep like Amadeus Code.

Additionally, most of these AI music generators allow you to export your created music as audio or MIDI files. This gives you the flexibility to further modify the tracks using audio editing software or incorporate them into your projects seamlessly.

Whether you're looking for studio-quality background music or want to create a piano solo masterpiece with just a few clicks, these AI music generators have something for everyone. Explore their pricing options and find the one that best suits your needs while propelling your creativity forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best AI music generator?

Out of all the AI music generators available, one that offers the most innovative features and functionalities is AIVA. Here are three reasons why:

  • Advanced Composition: AIVA has mastered the art of creating dynamic and unique compositions. You can easily modify your music by adjusting keys, tempo, and individual instruments using their vast library of pre-recorded samples. This level of customization allows for endless possibilities in crafting the perfect audio file.

  • Seamless Integration: AIVA seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Apple Music, making it effortless for content creators or video game developers to incorporate their AI-generated tracks into projects without any hassle.

  • Studio-Quality Sound: One distinguishing feature of AIVA is its ability to produce high-quality music sound. The compositions generated by their AI engine rival those produced by human composers, ensuring that every audio file created is professional-grade and ready for use in any project.

With its innovative features and functionalities, AIVA is revolutionizing the way we create music. But what if there was an AI that could not only generate melodies but also sing them? Let's explore what this cutting-edge technology has to offer in the next section: 'What is the AI that sings your songs?'

What is the AI that sings your songs?

When it comes to creating melodies that can be sung, there is an AI technology available that takes the art of music generation to a whole new level. This AI, known as OpenAI's Jukedeck, has the ability to compose original songs with lyrics that can be performed vocally.

By utilizing deep learning algorithms and vast amounts of data, Jukedeck can generate catchy melodies and accompanying lyrics in various genres and styles.

The process is simple: You provide some input parameters such as genre, mood, tempo, and length of the song, and Jukedeck does the rest. It analyzes patterns in existing music to create unique compositions that are both expressive and memorable. The resulting songs can be used for personal projects or even commercial purposes.

One of the key advantages of using an AI like Jukedeck is its efficiency. It can produce high-quality songs quickly without requiring extensive human input or expertise in music theory. Additionally, since Jukedeck generates original compositions from scratch, there are no copyright issues associated with the music it creates.

Innovation in music creation has never been more accessible thanks to AI technologies like Jukedeck. With its ability to generate melodies that can be sung, this AI opens up endless possibilities for musicians, content creators, and anyone seeking unique musical compositions tailored to their specific needs.

What is the AI that mixes songs?

Loudly's advanced playback engine combines and warps audio in real time, ensuring meaningful compositions. Here are three key features that make Loudly the ultimate AI music mixer:

  • Real-time audio manipulation: With Loudly, you can mix and manipulate audio in real time. This means you can experiment with different combinations of sounds, effects, and instruments while instantly hearing the results. The ability to warp audio on the fly allows for endless creative possibilities.

  • Musically meaningful compositions: Loudly's AI algorithms are designed to create compositions that make sense musically. It understands the structure and elements of a song, allowing it to intelligently blend different tracks together in a way that sounds harmonious and coherent.

  • Collaboration between music team and ML experts: Loudly benefits from a collaboration between a dedicated music team and machine learning experts. This combination ensures that the generated mixes not only sound great but also meet the highest standards of musicality.

Loudly is revolutionizing the way we mix songs by providing an intuitive tool that empowers musicians, producers, and content creators to effortlessly create unique and professional-quality mixes. Whether you're looking to enhance your own tracks or explore new sonic territories, Loudly's AI-powered mixing capabilities offer an innovative solution for all your musical needs.

Which AI generates a song from the text?

Beatbot by Splash Pro is an IOS-based app that uses AI to generate songs from text by utilizing famous chord progressions and allowing users to create new melodies in minutes.

The app's AI engine analyzes the inputted text and generates chord progressions based on well-known songs. Users can then use gestures to create their own melodies, resulting in a unique composition.

Beatbot by Splash Pro offers the convenience of exporting these compositions as audio and MIDI files, giving users the ability to further modify and develop their music outside of the app.

With its innovative approach, Beatbot by Splash Pro provides a user-friendly platform for individuals looking to explore music creation through AI technology. Its integration with iOS devices ensures accessibility for a wide range of users.

By leveraging famous chord progressions, Beatbot by Splash Pro not only simplifies the songwriting process but also allows for quick experimentation and creativity.

The combination of AI-generated chord progressions and user-created melodies offers endless possibilities for musicians, composers, and content creators alike. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician seeking inspiration, Beatbot by Splash Pro provides a valuable tool for generating original compositions efficiently.

Is AI-generated music legal?

AI-generated music is a relatively new and innovative technology that has sparked questions about its legality. As artificial intelligence becomes more advanced, it raises concerns about copyright infringement and intellectual property rights. However, the legal landscape surrounding AI-generated music is still evolving, and there are several factors to consider.

  1. Originality: The key factor in determining the legality of AI-generated music is whether it can be considered original. If the AI system merely replicates existing compositions without adding any creative elements, it may infringe on copyright laws. However, if the AI system creates original compositions that are not copied from existing works, they may be protected under copyright law.

  2. Ownership: Another important aspect to consider is ownership of the AI system itself. If an individual or organization owns the AI system that generates the music, they may hold the rights to any compositions created by that system.

  3. Licensing: To ensure compliance with copyright laws and protect against potential legal issues, some AI music generators provide royalty-free or licensed music options. This allows users to legally use and distribute the generated music without infringing on copyrights.

Can AI create original music?

AI-generated music has the ability to create original compositions that are not copied from existing works. This innovative technology utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to generate unique musical pieces that cater to various genres and styles. With AI music generators like AIVA, Ecrett Music, Soundful, Boomy, Soundraw, Loudly, and WavTool, content creators and producers have access to a wide range of customizable options and features.

These AI music generators offer cloud-based platforms with intuitive interfaces that allow users to modify key elements such as tempo, instruments, and structures. The ability to generate royalty-free background music at the click of a button makes these generators highly convenient for those seeking unique tracks without copyright limitations. Moreover, the affordability of these platforms provides an accessible solution for acquiring studio-quality music.

The advanced capabilities of AI-generated music extend beyond simply creating new melodies; they also provide opportunities for collaboration between musicians and machine learning experts. Platforms like Loudly offer over 170,000 curated audio loops and an advanced playback engine that combines and warps audio in real time to ensure musically meaningful compositions.

In conclusion, AI-generated music offers an innovative approach to creating original compositions that meet the needs of content creators, producers, brands, and more. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence algorithms and customizable features provided by platforms such as AIVA or WavTool, individuals can easily generate high-quality tracks tailored to their specific requirements.

Transition: Now that we understand how AI can create original music compositions, let's explore whether Spotify utilizes AI-generated music in its platform.

Does Spotify use AI-generated music?

Spotify incorporates machine learning algorithms to curate personalized playlists based on users' listening habits. This innovative approach allows Spotify to deliver a tailored music experience, keeping users engaged and satisfied.

Here are three ways that Spotify leverages AI-generated music:

  • Discover Weekly: Using machine learning, Spotify analyzes your listening patterns and preferences to create a customized playlist every week. By considering factors such as genre, tempo, and artist similarity, Spotify delivers a curated selection of songs that align with your tastes.

  • Release Radar: With AI-powered algorithms, Spotify identifies newly released tracks from artists you follow or have shown interest in. This feature ensures that you stay up-to-date with the latest releases from your favorite musicians.

  • Daily Mixes: Through AI technology, Spotify creates personalized mixes based on different genres or moods you enjoy. These mixes evolve over time as you discover new music and provide an endless stream of songs tailored to your unique musical taste.

What are the negatives of AI music?

One potential drawback of using AI-generated music is that it may lack the emotional depth and human creativity that can be found in music created by human musicians. While AI technology has made significant advancements in recent years, it still struggles to replicate the nuanced emotions and artistic expression that human musicians bring to their compositions.

AI-generated music often follows predetermined patterns and algorithms, which limits its ability to explore new musical territories or push creative boundaries. Human musicians possess a unique ability to infuse their personal experiences, thoughts, and emotions into their music, resulting in a more authentic and resonant listening experience.

Furthermore, AI-generated music may lack the improvisational skills that humans possess. Improvisation allows musicians to adapt and respond in real-time during performances, creating dynamic and unpredictable moments that captivate listeners. This spontaneity is challenging for AI algorithms to replicate accurately.

Although AI-generated music offers convenience and efficiency for content creators seeking background tracks or soundtracks, it is essential to recognize its limitations. While technological advancements continue to enhance AI capabilities, there remains a distinct gap between the emotional depth and human creativity found in music created by human musicians compared to those generated by AI systems.

Is AI harmful to artists?

As an artist, you may wonder if AI poses any harm to your creative process and artistic expression. However, it's important to consider that AI music generators can actually enhance your work and open up new possibilities for innovation.

Here are three reasons why AI is not harmful to artists:

  • Expands Creativity: AI music generators provide a vast library of pre-recorded samples, customizable instruments, and structures. This allows you to explore different genres and experiment with unique combinations of sounds, pushing the boundaries of your creativity.

  • Saves Time and Effort: With AI music generators like Beatbot and AIVA, creating high-quality music tracks becomes easier than ever before. These cloud-based platforms offer intuitive interfaces where you can modify music with keys, tempo, and individual instruments. This saves you time in composing complex arrangements from scratch.

  • Enhances Collaboration: AI-generated music tools such as Soundful and Boomy allow for seamless collaboration between musicians, producers, creators, and brands. By providing customizable inputs and generating unique compositions that will never replicate existing songs, these platforms facilitate the creation of tailor-made soundtracks that perfectly match the needs of various projects.

Will AI replace musicians?

Don't worry, AI is not here to replace musicians but rather to enhance your creative process and offer new possibilities for innovation. AI music generators, such as AIVA, Ecrett Music, Soundful, Boomy, Soundraw, Loudly, WavTool, and Amadeus Code are revolutionizing the way music is created.

These platforms provide an easy-to-use interface that allows you to generate royalty-free music tracks from pre-recorded samples or create unique compositions with the help of AI algorithms.

With features like customizable instruments and structures, modifying music with keys and tempo, and cloud-based platforms for accessibility anywhere at any time, these AI music generators offer a convenient solution that saves time and effort while still delivering high-quality output.

AI-generated music also opens up new opportunities for collaboration between musicians and machine learning experts. The advanced playback engines in platforms like Loudly ensure musically meaningful compositions by combining and warping audio in real-time. This collaborative approach can spark innovative ideas and lead to groundbreaking musical creations.

Furthermore, these AI tools provide affordable ways to acquire unique studio-quality music without having to rely on expensive production teams or licensing existing songs. You have the freedom to customize your tracks based on genre preferences and specific options.

What do musicians think of AI music?

Have you ever wondered how musicians perceive the use of AI in creating music? As technology continues to advance, the role of AI in music creation has become a topic of great interest.

Here are three key insights into how musicians view the integration of AI in their craft:

  • Collaboration: Many musicians see AI as a tool for collaboration rather than a replacement. They appreciate its ability to generate ideas and provide inspiration, allowing them to explore new creative territories.

  • Efficiency: Musicians recognize that AI can streamline certain aspects of the music-making process. By automating tasks such as chord progression generation or melody creation, they can focus more on refining their compositions.

  • Innovation: For musicians who embrace innovation, AI opens up exciting possibilities. It allows for experimentation with different sounds, structures, and styles that might not have been explored otherwise.

Overall, musicians view AI as an enhancer rather than a threat. They value its potential to support their artistic endeavors and push the boundaries of what is possible in music creation.

As technology continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to witness how this relationship between human creativity and artificial intelligence unfolds.

Can AI make better music than humans?

AI music generators, like those mentioned before, offer unique capabilities that expand the creative possibilities of musicians. Can AI make better music than humans? While AI has undoubtedly made significant advancements in generating music, it is important to consider its limitations and the subjective nature of musical preferences.

AI algorithms are trained on vast amounts of data and can analyze patterns to create compositions that mimic specific genres or styles. They can generate melodies, harmonies, and even entire songs with remarkable accuracy. However, the ability to judge whether a piece of music is 'better' than another is subjective and relies on individual taste and emotional connection.

Furthermore, AI lacks human intuition, emotion, and creativity. It cannot fully grasp the nuances of musical expression or draw from personal experiences to create truly original compositions. While AI-generated music can be impressive and enjoyable to listen to, it often lacks the depth and complexity that comes from human artistry.

That being said, AI music generators have their place in the creative process. They can serve as valuable tools for inspiration, exploration, and collaboration with human musicians. By combining the strengths of both AI technology and human creativity, we have the potential to push musical boundaries further than ever before.

Can Ai-Generated Music Be Used for royalty free music?

Yes, AI-generated music can be used for commercial purposes. It provides an innovative and cost-effective solution for content creators and brands to acquire unique, royalty-free music that matches their needs.

How Does AI Music Generator Pricing Compare Across Different Platforms?

AI music generator pricing varies across platforms. Different factors such as features, subscription plans, and quality of output influence the prices. Consider your needs and compare options to find the best value for your innovative music creation.

Which AI Music Generator Specializes in Creating Music Tracks From Pre-Recorded Samples?

AIVA, and Ecrett Music are AI music generators that specialize in creating music tracks from pre-recorded samples. They offer customizable instruments and structures, making them great for content creators and developing soundtracks.

Is There an AI Music Generator That Allows Users to Customize Songs Using AI-Created Phrases?

Yes, there is an AI music generator that allows you to customize songs using AI-created phrases. It offers a combination of AI compositions and manual tools, and is compatible with Google Chrome and Premiere Pro.

Does Spotify Utilize Ai-Generated Music in Its Platform?

Spotify does not utilize AI-generated music on its platform. However, it does use AI for personalized recommendations and analyzing user data to curate playlists. The focus is on enhancing the user experience through innovative features.


In conclusion, the market is flooded with impressive AI music generators that offer a range of features and functionalities. From Beatbot to AIVA, Ecrett Music to Soundful, there are options for every content creator to create song and producer looking for high-quality, customizable music tracks at an affordable cost.

These cloud-based platforms provide a convenient solution for developing soundtracks or acquiring unique studio-quality music. While some may question if AI can replace musicians, it's important to note that these tools serve as valuable aids rather than replacements. Musicians themselves have varying opinions on AI music, but ultimately it's about leveraging technology to enhance creativity and produce exceptional results.

So go ahead and explore these AI music generators – you might just stumble upon your next musical masterpiece!